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Your Questions About Bubble Teas

Sharon asks…

Where can I find bubble teas in either Leeds or Manchester, UK?

I’ve always wanted to try one but im not sure where i could buy one in either of these areas.
thanks for any help :)

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

Below is my connection to a Bubble Tea Distributor.

Oliver Yoon

Business Development Manager

Boba Direct, Inc.

807 E. Orchard St.

Mundelein, IL 60060

Ph: 866-4U.S.-BOBA (487-2622)

Cell: 312-907-8251

Email: ocyoon@bobadirect.com


Boba Direct, Inc. Is a leader and innovator in the Asian beverage market known as bubble tea.

Helen asks…

Who else thinks bubble tea is amazing?

Recently, I’ve been overcome with an obsession for bubble teas. Who else thinks that the wonderful varieties of bubble teas are inescapable?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

They are also called Boba Teas…
I love them too!
They are good as a regular tea, a smoothie, or a slushie!

They have some good flavors, don’t they?
I usually get mango, coconut, watermelon, or coffee but
there’s a flavor with a weird name that gets overlooked on the menu alot. Next time you get a Tea..
Ask for a “TARO”; its purple and it kind of tastes like oreo cookies.

(Taro is a leafy plant most widely cultivated and native to southeast Asia. It is believed to have been one of the earliest cultivated plants.


It’s good, trust me…

Lisa asks…

Where can i get Bubble Tea in Dandenong, Victoria?

I have reason to believe Bubble Tea is available somewhere in Dandenong, Victoria. I like bubble tea, and for this reason would like to know from whereabouts it can be purchased.
I’ll settle for the frankston/mornington region

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

Lucky Cup, Melbourne Central Station

Jenny asks…

Where can I find bubble tea in New Hampshire?

I really want some bubble tea. What’s a resteraunt or coffee shop in New Hampshire (Concord or Manchester area) that serves it?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

You’ll probably have to make your own – try a local Oriental market.

Thomas asks…

What’s your favorite type/flavor of bubble tea?

I love bubble tea. I’m on my way to get some actually. There’s alot of variety, flavors, hot and cold, etc. What’s your fave?
Bubble tea is an Asian drink popular all over the world. And at the bottom of the drink it has tapioca pearls.

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

Mango smoothie (with tapioca pearls).

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