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Bubble Tea in Chinatown - New York, New York

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By Emmanuel Pena

The fun of chewing the tapioca balls in Boba Tea !

Boba tea also called bubble tea is quite different from the conventional tea you have taken so far. If you have not tried the bubble tea / boba tea then it is time you give it a try. You have missed a lot without having such a wonderful tea.

The bubble tea or boba tea comes in different flavors. The flavors might be of any fruit you like or you can have the bubble tea with any dairy creamer you like. A bubble tea can be green or black with the addition of ice or make it hot.

Usually you get two main types, which are fruit flavored and milk bubble tea. For more flavors of boba tea you can check the site boba tea direct.

The boba tea has the bubble tea pearls made of tapioca balls. When you have the boba tea, the boba pearls are also taken along with the tea.

You will be chewing a few boba pearl balls along with the drink and this gives you a different sensation and taste that you have never felt before. It will be more exciting for the first time and you will never miss to have it when you get a chance in the future.

The boba pearls that are added to the bubble tea are prepared from the cassava root or tapioca. Small ball-like shapes are created with this root and cooked well before it is used in the boba tea. These ball like shapes are called the boba and hence the name boba tea.

Use a wide straw to drink this tea so that the balls come up with the tea. Since the tapioca balls do not have a taste, they are soaked in honey for an hour before they are used in the boba tea. So when you chew the boba pearls you find that experience different while you have your tea.

There are also boba teas that have coffee jelly, rainbow jelly, or coconut jelly added to it in the form of cubes. Having these little cubes added along with the Boba pearls gives a different taste while drinking tea. Instead of chewing the tapioca balls alone, these jellies offer you different flavors in between.

There are many flavors of bubble tea that you can get. One of the types of bubble tea called snow bubble tea has shaved ice cream along with your favorite flavor of fruit.

Although the bubble tea’s origin is Taiwan, it is now spread across different countries like China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia and Macau. It is one of the popular drinks in these countries and now it is also spreading in United States of America, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

So the next time you want to try something different, make the bubble tea or boba tea as your choice.

You can get more detailed information on boba tea at www.bobateadirect.com.

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