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How Do You Make Tea

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So you’ve hit this site, and you are like…dang how do you make tea? Then you see me, and I’m like…dang I’ll substantiate you how you make tea.

You know it can’t be rocket science. Like me, you’ve tried searching around for some answers. And like me, you are perhaps not going to succeed providing all of those crazy, cash-hungry idiots out there.

In my culture (try foreseeing where Kew comes from!), tea is everything. I really don’t can identify which teas consumers serve in restaurants and stuff, but we just do.

We don’t drink water, we drink tea. And when I was young, I’d ask my mom some questions like, say, “Why do we drink tea?” and “How do you make tea?”. See? I ask the same questions.

My mom may just reply in her native tongue, “Child, you put that in there, the water in there, and wait”. Doesn’t that sound so simple?

Was so how to make all teas? To make yellow tea, to make iced tea, to fashion bubble tea, to make chai tea, and to make sun tea, you just “put now in there, the water in there, and wait”? It must undergo been so a great deal more complicated, but what did I appreciate as a kid? I brushed off the skeptic side of me and tried to do what my mom instructed. Result? Some bitter, COLD water, and wet tea leaves and bags. What a waste of time.

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