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Enjoy a Great Nutritional Sweet Tea, The Boba Tea

Boba Tea, also famous as bubble tea, is the sweet, enriched and flavored tea. It is a unique type of tea which is highly liked by children as well as adults. Boba name implies to the fact that tapioca pearls, the very important ingredient of this tea are having the texture as like of female breast. This name is particularly famous in the Western China. The other name, the bubble tea came from the fact that when flavors were added to tea and were mixed, bubbles come out on shaking the mixture, thus called Bubble Tea.

It was first originated in Taiwan. After flavors utilization, tapioca pearls were started adding into it. These were introduced by Liu Han-Chieh in the year of 1983. Usually tapioca pearls were used to serve cold tea earlier. But now they are used in hot tea as well. They settle down into the bottom of the cup or glass. These are seemed as bubble and this thing also gives the name to tea the bubble tea. These bubbles keep floating in the mixture may be on the top or in the bottom.

Boba tea is also named as boba drink, boba ice tea, pearl tea drink, boba, zhen zhou nai cha , pearl ice tea, boba nai cha, pearl milk tea, tapioca ball drink black pearl tea, ,BBT, pearl shake, PT, QQ that means chewy in Chinese language and various others.

Boba drinks are generally refreshing type of cool and a sweet drink having tapioca pearls lying on the bottom of a cup. Sometimes it is made with fresh fruits, fresh milk, and the ice, which is crushed to create a healthy, rich and tasty milk shake. This boba drinks can also be found to make up of powdered flavoring, crushed ice, creamer and water. In Asia this drink is usually blended with tea in addition of infusion by the flavors.

The most important ingredients of boba tea are the tapioca pearls which are usually black in color. But it is not always a rule; they may come in transparent or white colors as well. Color of the pearls depends upon the ingredients used. Mostly the white and translucent pearls are composed from starch, chamomile root extract and the caramel. The black pearls are made up of cassava root, sweet potato, and brown sugar that give it a black color. The tapioca pearls consistency is somewhat chewy and jell like which give a wonderful joy on chewing or eating them. They are usually like the size of a marble.

Boba drink is also blended with jellies in the form of small cubes, or stars, lychee, and the rainbow. Mung bean paste also gives it a great taste. Other things which can be included are egg pudding, taro balls and aloe which give it a subtle flavor and the texture also.

It is served either hot or cold, and in a cup which has a big and wide straw to drink via it. Its appearance is really marvelous and unique.

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This tea is easily available at tea outlets, whereas some shops are purely dedicated to boba tea. Drink it and get a fantastic experience! Find your boba tea online today.
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