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Bubbling Up With CO2 Cartridges

Whether you are planning to start your own catering business or are just overwhelmed by having to host countless parties, it is important to stock up on essential tools that are needed for every event to be a roaring success. The drinks you offer to your friends and guests are as important as the food you serve. You will surely earn the reputation of being a great host or party planner by putting up a first-rate bar for your clients or colleagues.

There is no need to fret over preparing the perfect concoction. Although bartending may sound complicated and intimidating you can make drinks like a pro with the rights tools. Aside from the basic implements like bottle openers, shakers, blenders, scoops, and drinking glasses, another useful device is the CO2 cartridge.

Gas cartridges are little steel compartments which store little amounts of pressurized gas for various purposes. A CO2 cartridge contains the needed amounts of carbon dioxide to carbonate drinks, freeze food, create special effects, or re-inflate bike tires.

CO2 cartridges clipped to soda siphons or seltzer bottles enable you to convert flat tap water into carbonated or seltzer water. Sparkling water is a common base ingredient for various cocktails. It’s the component that gives drinks that extra refreshing kick.

Carbon dioxide is not only a gas that occurs naturally in the atmosphere or that is produced from various human, commercial, and industrial activities. Carbon dioxide, which is a gas commonly regarded as essential for photosynthesis in plants, is also significant for internal respiration in a human body.

Impress the crowd by offering simple apƩritifs, these are drinks specifically consumed before a meal. An example is Amer Picon, a French apƩritifs that is easy to blend and is usually taken with lemon infused soda water. After the meal or during the party proper make your guests effervescent with expertly mixed margaritas, mojitos, daiquiris and martinis. Incite the group with lemon vodkas, Rum twisters, Irish whisky, gin, and rum fizzers. These cocktails require seltzer water, which would no longer be a problem with your handy CO2 cartridge.

Making cocktails should not just be about pouring random liquors in a glass, personalized soda waters where you can experiment with flavor and sugar content can be the special touch needed to make your drinks taste better.

The obligatory fruit punch is also an anticipated beverage for the ‘light’ drinkers in any get-together. It usually requires liters of club soda which can be easily accomplished with a CO2 cartridge. It is the perfect addition to every good host or aspiring bartender’s repertoire.

It is also important to be able to accommodate guests who prefer coffee, tea or other non-alcoholic beverages. Making great tasting alcohol-free drinks is not a problem when you have a soda siphon that could upgrade any fluid or fruit juice to a fizzy and bubbly drink.

A big part of creating a great celebration is generating an atmosphere of relaxation, merriment and fun. As a host or a party-planner it is your job to make your friends and guests feel welcome and comfortable.

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