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Have Fun Drinking- the Bubble Tea Motto!

Author: Groshan Fabiola

How many of you have started to get tired of the same drinks, or coffee or tea? Maybe if there was something to replace it, then you would not have to drink the same drink day after day. Well, there is! And it has been for over twenty-seven years, but you just did not know that. This new, fun drink is called bubble tea.

Almost twenty-seven years ago, in Taiwan a new drink came to life and not any drink but one that could ease your thirst and your appetite at the same time. It is both something that you can eat and drink.

Because it was such a challenging drink, it had to have a challenging name. This is why many attempts have been made until one name stood in front of the others. Before bubble tea stuck, boba tea, pearl drink or tapioca drink were some of the names that were given to this amazing drink.

It did not take boba tea too much to gain its popularity. Right after it had been invented, it gained Asia, and Europe came soon after. Nowadays this drink has conquered the world and every culture there is.

Bubble tea has a very interesting history down to its name. The original drink was made out of condensed milk, honey, tapioca balls and the special ingredient was a type of tea that could only be found in Taiwan.


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