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Wine Health Benefits and Grown-Up Bubble Tea

Wine is the favorite drink of millions around the world, and it has been for centuries. There are so many kinds and varieties, you can never run out of new wines to try out. Some become favorites. Some don’t. But that is half the fun.

The big news is that medical research shows wine is actually good for you. Here is a fun infographic from OneHopeWine.com on the health benefits of wine. As if we needed an excuse to drink it! while you are there, looking at the infographic, you can also purchase wine online and half of the money goes to charities.

Drink to Your Health infographic from ONEHOPE Wine
Presented By ONEHOPE Wine Online Fifty Percent of Profits Go To Charity

I love wine for its own sake, but once in awhile, it’s fun to try mixing it with something else—a mimosa for brunch, a spritzer after a swim, or whatever fits the mood.

So here’s a new idea, why not invent new flavors of bubble tea with wine? How about a sangria flavor? Or how about peach wine in a fruit tea with peaches?

See, the possibilities are endless. In fact, that could be a great way to use up any wines that are not your favorites—with the added incentive that now you know wine is also good for your health.

So doesn’t adding wine make your bubble tea into sort of a health drink? I don’t know, but it sounds good to me.

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