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Relaxed With Bubbles Shooter

Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter (Photo credit: The Akermarks)

For those who already know that there is really more than unwinding at the end of a hard day by playing a fun computer game like shooting bubbles. Try it and at the end of the day you are going to discovered that bubbles are going to be your favorite game.

As you are going to discovered or already know there are many types of puzzle games but most people due prefer is a game that has to do with some action in it like shooting bubbles.

Most video games that are instant classics and some of these games often take the best features of games that have already been in existence but combine them in a unique and original way.

Bubble Shooter is one of such games and takes its inspiration from a good number of puzzle, shooting, action and strategy games. This game is good because it does a good job of combining all these into one highly addictive game.

This game was originally developed for Microsoft Windows, Bubble Shooter has now develop into just about every corner of the Internet thus making it to be one of the most widely played games by children and adults alike. More to that it has developed into many different versions and is also available on many different platforms and devices.

When it comes to playing it, the basic idea behind Bubble Shooter is very simple. You have to shoot the bubbles before they reach the bottom of the screen. You are armed with a bubble gun which fires colored bubbles. In order to make a bubble disappear you have to shoot it with a bubble of the same color.

It may look a simple game to play but makes for a very addictive game. If you shoot a bubble with the right color you also release out many connected bubbles of the same color. Therefore it is very possible to take out so many bubbles at once with a bit of planning.

On the other hand, if you manage to miss your intended target or mismatch different colored bubbles you’re adding to the pile of bubbles approaching you. Once wrong move and you can quickly find yourself in bubble trouble!

Bubble Shooter goes in the same tradition of some puzzle type games like Tetris and is just as addictive. When you struggles and go further into the game, it is very painful to lose your last life. The pace of the game increases the further you get and inevitably gets quite frantic. There exist so many different kinds of Bubble Shooter clones with some interesting variations on the original.

Power ups are a great way to add excitement to an existing game and Bubble Shooter is no exception. More fun comes in when you have your bubble gun upgraded, it adds a lot of enjoyment to this already enjoyable game.

There’s nothing better than firing a bubble grenade and watching all the bubbles get blown into oblivion. But it isn’t long before the screen is filled with lots more bubbles and you have more work to do with your trusty bubble gun.

If you like playing puzzle games I think you will enjoy Bubble Shooter. But it’s not just for puzzle fans, almost everyone I have spoke to loves playing it. There are even some multiplayer versions that allow you to compete with other players over the Internet.

I highly recommend giving Bubble Shooter games a try. It’s a truly unique experience that combines of shooting and bubble matching that will have you entertained for ages!

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