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Online Bubble Wrap Popping

English: Closeup of bubble-wrap.

English: Closeup of bubble-wrap. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is pretty much the first thing a lot of people will do as soon as they see it. They reach out, pick up the sheet and then work their way through it bursting as many little air pockets as possible.

Yes it is the horribly annoying but terribly addictive bubble wrap popping. It is great when you are doing it yourself but for others around you it can be severely irritating with the constant sound of the bubbles being burst.

Something that may be a better alternative to the real thing is going online to do all of your popping. Choosing to do this online can have a number of positives when compared to using the real thing. For a start, one of the biggest plus points is the fact that you are not wasting any of the material.

If you choose to pop the real thing then once you are done, that piece becomes useless, it is just a sheet of polythene. Fulfilling your popping needs online means that you can instead re-use the wraps which is a good way to recycle.

Another good point about choosing the internet method is that you can get timed to see how fast you can pop a whole sheet of bubbles. This can at least give you something to target instead of just popping aimlessly as there is even a leaderboard for you to try and get to the top of.

Also, doing it online should turn out to be a lot less annoying to the people around you as they wont have to listen to the crinkle of the sheet as you work your way through.

Obviously the major negative about popping bubble wrap online is that fact that you don’t get the satisfying feeling as each of the bubbles burst. If this is what you pop for then the online version is unlikely to fulfil your needs.

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Written by E-Commerce Manager of Storm Trading, Chris Roche. For more information on bubble wrap, mailing bags or any other packing products check out our site and see what grip seal bags and cardboard boxes we have available.
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