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Mixed Bag

Contributed by Milford Woods

Being in business for yourself is a mixed bag. Sometimes I love not having to answer to a boss and sometimes I hate having to make all the hard decisions myself. It’s nice when I’m sick though not to have to call and tell someone and when I want to go on vacation, too. I set up my graphic design shop right out of college but at that point it was only part time. I was really worried I couldn’t make enough money to cover the bills doing it for a living and now that I’m doing just that I see how wrong I was. I had to set myself up the right way though with bank card processing packages and a phone system and an accountant, too, to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. But the marketing is all me and the work of course I do myself and my clients seem to be really happy. I don’t think they’d send me so many referrals if they weren’t you know? That’s a good sign!

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