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Embracing my inner cat lady with some deserving felines

Guest post written by Rosie Adams

I’ve always loved cats. If I go over to someone’s house, I will find their cat and befriend it. I’ve just always been that way. I had several cats growing up too, but I’ve never taken the dive of actually adopting a cat myself because of my busy work schedule. Now that I’m settling down a little bit more into my career, I think that it’s time to treat myself to a few feline friends.

I knew already that I wanted to adopt a few cats, so I looked up a bunch of information to see what I could find about doing so. Along with some info on adopting multiple cats at once, I saw some onĀ debt counseling for credit card debt, which is also really important info to me.

I decided to adopt two cats at the same time so they can pal around together and one won’t be jealous of the other if they are adopted at different times. I can’t wait to have some pet cats of my own! Now my friends won’t feel like I’m visiting just to see their cats.

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