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Yummy& Delicious Tea The Bubble Tea

One of the new types of drink having great taste is the bubble tea. It’s been called with many other names such as pearl tea, bubble drink, boba, bubble cup and the milk tea. It is not just a plain tea but it is the blender of varied flavors, fruits and different colors giving it a rich and upscale look.


This tea history backs to Taiwan especially Taichung city, where it was served in the outlets, shops and were highly liked by the folks. It is also been considered the favorite drink or dessert of the people of North America. Now it is famous worldwide even in Asia and Britain.

Variants of Bubble Tea

Owing to the type of tea and its flavoring, bubble tea possesses various variants. These include

 Pearl milk tea
 Green tea with pearls
 Pearl black tea
 Pearl green milk tea

Types of Bubble Tea

There are generally three major types of bubble tea are present, namely

1) Milk Teas: It is made up of powdered dairy creamers or the non dairy creamers. Fresh milk is also utilized by some people in its making. Various flavors addition as well as other ingredients can make it a superb drink.
2) Fruit Flavored Tea: As the name implies, it’s a mixture of variety of fruits and flavors. Fruits are usually real but their flavors can also be used in it. The tea, in addition to crushed fruits, is also blended with pearls, chocolate as well as ice creams.
3) Fruit Milk Tea: This type possesses mixture of fruits and creams flavored with different flavors.

This bubble tea is an amazing drink to enjoy. The most fun part of it the bubbles which we can see and drink. Its toping is also delicious. Chewy topica balls make it wonderful drink to experience. Pearls addition is also fantastic and these are mostly remained sunken in the bottom of the cup. These are small marble sized that give a great joy. Bubble tea can be served or enjoyed either hot or cold since both are delicious.
Make Bubble Tea at Your Home

Only you need some kind of special ingredients as well as pearls, otherwise it’s easy to make and you can make it at home.

• Ingredients

You just need to have

• Flavor powder
• Sugar syrup
• Powdered dairy creamer
• Ice
• Tea
• Cooked Pearls

• Method
Take cocktail shaker and put I scoop of each ingredient e.g. 1 scoop of the powder, sugar syrup and powdered dairy creamer. Then add ¾ the cup of tea along with 1-1/2 cup of ice and mix or shake it properly until all ingredients are well dissolved. After this, pour the mixture into the glass continuing tapioca pearls. Bubble Tea is now ready to serve.

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