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Your Questions About Taro Tea

John asks…

what does the taro milk tea taste like?

did you like it? is it sweet

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

I’m guessing you mean the stuff that’s used in Bubble Tea; it tastes sweet, depends on what flavor you get. It’s probably bland on it’s own, which is why you can choose different flavors. From what I’ve read, it’s just a starchy liquid, so it’s usually the consistency of a milkshake.

Thomas asks…

Does the taro root have to be purple for milk tea?

I bought ones that were white on the inside as well as a root that looked like taro but was light purple colored. Does it matter?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

NO, it is just how they are. Don’t let it get in the way of you and your milk tea

Jenny asks…

what flavor is taro bubble tea?

what does taro mean, and what does it taste like?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

Taro is a vegetable. Taro bubble tea is purple in colour and it tastes pretty sweet.

Maria asks…

what does taro milk/bubble tea taste like?

I am new to all these flavors and heard that taro is very good. im afraid that if i get it wont taste good. Whats the difference if there is milk in it or not? by what i mean if it taste good is if its bitter or sweet? XD

*****If you live anywhere in ny,flushing where is the best place you reccomend me to get bubble tea?*****

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

For me i don’t like the taro in bubble tea. It doesn’t appeal to me. However i do like taro just not in a drink. U might want to try thai tea, coffee or some other type of bubble tea with fruit. I prefer the thai tea cause i always make it at home.

George asks…

will powdered taro tapioca pearls work for making bubble tea?

I’ve watched many different tutorials how how to make bubble tea but my tapioca pearls look very different they have a white powder covering them in the package
here’s what i got.


thank you ^w^

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

You can buy the black ones like the ones they sell in bubble tea shops. I have purchased them ages ago but cant remember what it’s called. The instruction was to boil them until soft, immediately rinse and immerse them in cold water and use as desired.

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