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Your Questions About Taro Tea

Maria asks…

How do I make taro milk tea using powder?

I really love taro milk tea so I went to the local asian grocer and got “purple yam” milk tea powder and black tapioca balls.

What do I do with these ingredients?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

Just add water to it using the powder.

Helen asks…

Where can I buy the best Taro powder for Bubble Tea?

I am obsessed with the taro milk tea from Saint’s Alp in NYC, does anyone know what brand of taro powder they use or can someone suggest a really good brand that I can buy online?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

Go to Amazon, you can get anything what you want:

Daniel asks…

How do you make Taro Milk/Bubble Tea with real Taro and not the powder stuff?

I just got some taro roots, and I want to make some purple taro milk, but, I don’t even have any idea why it would come out purple.

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

Peel them, and boil them in a pot of water with some sugar until soft, blend them in a blender to make you base, then add your flavours, milk powder or soya mlik and pearl tapicoa to a glass, shake the base and flavours togehter with the protein powder and then decant into the glass, make sure you have some of the oversized straws to drink it, smaller ones will clog up for sure with the tapioca, I would also run the pureed taro base threw a strainer to eliminate any large chucks and blockages, I know they have this in both Vietnam and Thailand, have only had it once, it is alot heavier than the straight bubble teas with only the tapioca and other bases, just make sure to dilute it so it is not to thick.

David asks…

Where to buy Taro powder for bubble tea?

I’m looking for a reliable place (probably online) where I can get taro powder to use for bubble tea.

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

Taro Powder (Original) $18.00, It’s Ok. You have to add a little more sugar or cream to sweeten a little better

Joseph asks…

how do i make a “taro milk tea” using real taro?

everywhere i’ve looked so far on the internet, there were only recipes that used taro powder. however, i’m trying to make it with real potatoes. i had it at a cafe once where they made it from scratch and it tasted soooooooooooooooooooo yummy, and powder definitely did not even compare!! if you’ve got answers, please help!

xo little spoon

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

Here is what taro is actually like, It is a tuber like a potato but with a very distinct appearance and taste. This Item can be found in the ethnic groceries if you ask for Malanga and its related family. Its leaves are also eaten prepared in a variety of different ways.


To make Taro Milk tea you need to buy the authentic Taro peel it to about 1/4 inch from the skin. Wash it and grate it with a grater on an fine grate, or use a food processor. Powders do not work as well as the fresh grated root.

1/4 pound of grated taro root
3 cups of water brought to a boil.
Add the taro lower the heat and cook for at least 10-15 minutes on low, stir constantly or it will stick and burn. Have patience during this process. When cooked and transparent,
add one can of evaporated milk and one can of condensed milk.
A dash of Angostura bitters (can be purchased at any good liquor store).
Blend and eat or chill.

Other variations on this is Eddo milk tea and tanya milk tea. Green bananas and green plantains are also cooked this way.

These recipes arose out of necessity for slaves with limited items for their diet and may have also been transported from Africa as a staple in their diet and instead of condensed milk they may have been sweetened with sugar.
Now condensed milk saves the time on cooking.

Yes it is extremely tasty and nutritious. The leaves of the taro plant makes an equally delicious meal very similar to spinach and just as healthy and nutritious.

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