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Your Questions About Tapioca Pearls Recipe

Steven asks…

does anyone know tapioca pearls recipe/boba?

i dont want the frozen kind you just boil, i want to know how to make them from scratch. so if you know can you please tell me.

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

Old fashioned pearl tapioca

Measure Ingredient
1 cup PEARL Tapioca
1 cup Milk
3 cups Milk
5 Egg yolks
1 Lemon rind, grated
Juice of 1/2 lemon
¾ cup Sugar
1 teaspoon Vanilla
5 Egg whites

Soak tapioca in 1 cup milk overnight. In a double boiler add tapioca and milk mixture plus 3 more cups milk and cook 3 hours over hot water; cool. In a baking dish, combine: tapioca mixture, the beaten egg yolks, lemon rind and juice, vanilla, sugar and fold in stiffly beaten egg whites. Bake 15 minutes at 325 F and serve hot or cold. Options: Replace vanilla with a couple of tablespoons of navy rum or brandy. Add fruit to the baked tapioca or make a fruit sauce to pour over the finished pudding

Mary asks…

What is the recipe for Sai Mai Lo(Sago/Tapioca pearls dessert)?

Ever since I’ve eaten that dessert, I’ve been craving it. So could anyone tell me what the recipe is and what other fruit I can add to it instead of Taro?

Thank You and Salamat Po!

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

You can use mango or honeydew instead of taro. Here’s a recipe for the pudding using mango:

1 1/2 cups sago (colored or plain)
2/3 cup evaporated milk
3 cups water
1/4 cup sugar
6 tablespoons coconut cream or thick coconut milk
1/4 cup mango nectar or mango juice
1/2 cup chopped mangoes

Bring water to a boil, add sago and simmer for 15 minutes.
Stir in sugar, mango nectar, evaporated milk and coconut cream.
Simmer for another 10 minutes, stirring once in a while to prevent sago and milk from burning.
Simmer until liquid has almost evaporated.
While still hot, stir in mangoes and scoop about 1/2 cup of the mixture into serving glasses/bowls and let cool.
If you like you can puree the mixture slightly with a blender or stick-blender before scooping into individual bowls.
Chill for several hours before serving, and serve with extra chopped mango if desired.

Or, use lemon juice and rind like in this recipe:

1 cup Sago or pearl tapioca
1 cup Milk, plus
3 cups Milk
5 Egg yolks
1/2 lemon, juice and grated rind
1/2 lemon, rind only, grated
3/4 cup Sugar
5 Egg whites

Soak sago overnight in 1 cup milk. Add to 3 cups milk and cook 3 hours in the top of a double boiler, over ~not in- boiling water. Preheat oven to 375.

Beat yolks with lemon rind, juice and sugar. Add to cooked mixture. Beat egg whites til stiff but not dry. Layer pudding and meringue mixture in a casserole, starting with sago and ending with meringue.

Bake 15 minutes. Serve hot or cold. With or without a sauce. Hot fruit sauce suggested.


John asks…

Tapioca Pearl Recipe from scratch?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew a recipe to actually make the tapioca pearls yourself. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

To make tapioca pearls, the tapioca flour, which is fine as face powder, is mixed with water to make a dough, which is slowly cooked and stirred. By the end of the precooking process, the tapioca has dried again into so called “flakes”. These are reduced in size in hammer mills and dried in warm air before cooling, grinding, and screening to produce uniform granules. Tapioca pearls come in small, large or giant, and instant. 3 / 4 cup pearl tapioca thickens the same as 1 / 2 cup instant-type tapioca.


Sharon asks…

Shona, the 4th grader, wants Tapioca Pearls. Please will you share non-pudding Tapioca Pearls recipes

I already submitted a Q for Tapioca Pudding. Now I wanted some non-pudding recipes that include Tapioca Pearls. Please share any that you have liked.
Thank You,
Harry gams

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

Tapioca Pearls and Green Onion Soup

Ingredient Shopping List
Recipe serves two people, with a few portions of left over soup.

1 bunch jumbo scallion, 3 to bunch(currently at Fairway. Substitute with 3 large Vidalia or white onions and two bunches scallions.)
Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4 large cloves garlic
1 bunch mint
1 lemon
1 stick butter
1 pint whole milk
1 package of whole tapioca pearls

Special Equipment: Stainer, multiple pots, food processor or blender, but ideally an immersion blender.

Wash the jumbo scallions or tops of the regular scallions. Remove the outer skin of the white jumbo scallion or white onions. Slice the white part of the jumbo scallion bulb or the whole onions into thin rough slices. Set aside the green tops of the jumbo or small scallions for later use. Take the four cloves of garlic from skin and set aside.

Make the Soup Base

Place a glug of olive oil into a large pot. Turn heat to medium. After a minute, add all of the white sliced onions to the pot. Season with salt and pepper and sauté until onions become translucent and they release their liquids, about 4 minutes. Next, add enough cold water to the onions so they are barely covered. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to a simmer on medium low heat for about 8 minutes, until the onions are very soft and most of ½ of the liquid is reduced. Add about ½ cup of whole milk and 1 tablespoon of butter to the pot and simmer for another couple of minutes. Take off the heat.

Make the Green Onion Puree

Bring a small pot of water to the boil. Season water heavily with salt. Take all of the whole tops of the scallion and place into the water and blanch for about 1 minute. Strain the tops from the water, then immediately place in food processor. Add pinch of salt, pepper, a glug of olive oil and a small ladle of the liquid from your onion soup base. Puree until smooth and reserve. Fold the puree into the onion soup base and place on low heat, just getting it warm so the puree infuses into the liquid for a few minutes.

The next step is to puree all contents of the soup together to further intensify the onion flavor. You can either add the mixture in batchfulls to a blender or food processor, or better yet just take an immersion blender to it and puree right in the pot. Strain through mesh strainer into another pot and reserve.

Make the Tapioca

Place a large pot of salted water on boil. Place about ¼ of tapioca bag into boiling water and cook for about 5-8 minutes, or until soft yet al dente and clear in appearance. Taste continuously in order to get a sense of how it comes along. Drain.

Take the same pot and add 1 tablespoon butter on medium heat. Add one handful of chopped mint to butter, then add the drained tapioca. Season with salt, pepper and add just a small touch of milk to make it pliable. Taste and season again. You can add more butter here, more mint, or a grated cheese would also work.

Finish the Dish.

Bring your soup and tapioca to a warm temp. Taste your soup and season to taste with salt and pepper. You can add a hunk of butter if you’d like. Place a few heaping spoonfuls of tapioca into a bowl. Ladle soup around the tapioca and serve.

Chili Mac n Cheese Recipe

1 1/2 pound ground chuck, browned and drained well
2 cans (14 oz each) diced tomatoes with juice
1 can tomato paste (6oz)
1 packet taco seasoning mix
2 teaspoons ground cumin
1 can (15 oz) beans (pinto w/jalapenos, black, etc.)
1 cup frozen corn kernels,
1 can (16 oz) whole kernel corn, drained
1/2 cup chopped green pepper
2 tablespoons instant tapioca
1 package macaroni and cheese or shells and cheese, deluxe type
salt and pepper to taste


Combine first 9 ingredients in a 3 1/2-quart or larger crock pot; cover and cook on low 6 to 8 hours. Cook macaroni and cheese according to package directions and combine with crock pot mixture (may need a separate large bowl). Add salt and pepper as desired.

Serves 8

Susan asks…

I am looing for a recipe for a hmong cold tapioca soup?

a girl in my home ec class in high school made it, said it was a traditional recipe and I have never been able to find a recipe for it. it had all different kinds of tapioca pearls and noodles. it was cold and it was sweet. thanks!

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

Sugar and water (in a boiling pot ’til melted. Then set aside)
tapioca (another boiling pot of water, constantly stirring. Know when it’s cooked when it’s fully clear (bite it to see if soft all the way thru) then drain it in a drainer bowl

]sidenote: you need a lot of water, because the pearls will get bigger. If water gets thick, add more water, and stir occasionally. Will take awhile to cook.

1 coconut can(add all, or just some, however you prefer the taste)
coconut strings that comes in a curvy glass bottle (the coco. Are preserved in syrup)
very small drop amount of vanilla extract for a great smell, and taste.

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  1. I just posted a blog on my first attempt at making tapioca pearls from scratch. No real measurements though. Just mainly estimated/eye-balled everything. Hope it gives you an idea though! I’ll have to try the mango recipe above.

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