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Your Questions About Tapioca Pearls Bubble Tea

Charles asks…

Where I can get Tapioca Pearls(Bubble Tea) in India. Is there anyone to help?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

If you can order from bulkfoods.com
they have large tapioca pearls from 1lb to 5lb bags
i get the 5 lb bags to make tapioca dishes

William asks…

How do they make bubble-tea tapioca pearls black?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

You make a strong tea brew either green or black tea, strain out or remove the bags and then cook the pearl tapioca in the tea with a bit of sugar and the tea colours the pearls, I worked in Asia and have a friend here in Toronto Canada who’s family runs a chain of shops selling Bubble tea, and my Vietnamese friends do the same.

Donna asks…

How do you infuse the bubble-tea tapioca pearls with the sugar and flavor of tea?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

What I do is rinse the pearl tapioca, and then boil about 4 cups of water combined with either 6-8 green tea bags or 4-6 black tea bags (let it steep for 20 minutes or more), take them out ad the sugar and the tapioca and cook until the tapioca is cooked, drain them and cool the tea mix, I store them in the tea for when I want to use them, I make mine in the blender and like stranger flavoured ones like jackfruit, avocado, durian and strawberry sometimes.

I then pour it over the tapioca bubbles and then sti it with a spoon, this the only thing I will drink with a straw, you need the largest type available, I generally snag a few when in Chinatown and have on at the Vietnamese BT place and sub shop.

James asks…

Can you get bubble tea (tapioca pearls) in Ocean city, maryland?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

I am very familiar with the concept but I have never heard the term “bubble tea” nor “tapioca pearls” used in reference to the tapioca balls. All the places I’ve been to refer to them as “boba” or sometimes just tapioca balls. If you search for “boba” you might be more successful. A lot of juice/tea/coffee places with boba have been popping up in mall food courts here in CA. You can also find it at many independent Asian fast food restaurants. Anytime I’ve had boba it’s been in Thai Iced Tea, so if you have a Thai Town nearby, or any other Asian district for that matter, that could be a good place to begin your search.

Thomas asks…

How to make the perfect bubble tea tapioca pearls?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

Tapioca pearls have a lot of starch in them, so they need to be repeatedly washed, and then when boiling, keep watching to see if the water gets thicker, strain the whole thing through a strainer, getting rid of the thick starchy water, and putting the pearls back in the pan with fresh water and boiling again; repeat until no more starch comes out.
As it is laborious and time consuming, make a large batch, and store it in fridge/freezer for next time.
Hope this helps!

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