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Your Questions About Bubble Tease

Lisa asks…

Is Bubble Tease a profitable franchise to open in Canada,Ontario?

Im seriously looking into opening up a bubble Tease franchise (store for juice,slushies etc.)with a sitting area in the Heartland Area. Let me know if this is a profitable and good idea for business purposes.

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

They opened one downtown in the financial district and it closed. I think the one in Fairview mall also closed. Only Asian and maybe college students would go there.

Paul asks…

Is opening up a Bubble tease franchise a good idea right now?

Could anyone help with some figures. I need to know what are some estimated profits after all expenses for a Bubbletease franchise and whether it is a smart idea to open one up now?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

Bubble Tease is an established and rapidly growing specialty beverage chain. It is not a franchise. You could contact corporate for P&L information: 905.940.2660.

Donald asks…

Is bubble tease drink good for you?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

I know what you’re talking about, I have it sometimes.. Isn’t it bubble tea? Anyways, depending on which ingredients they use, they will not be unhealthy!!

Carol asks…

What exactly is in a Taro, Bubble Chillin’ Bubble Tease?

I had one today and i want to know the ingredients? or atleast a little bit about what i was drinking, it was bitchin though lol….

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

Bubble Tea u mean.
Here’s some recipes


Taro is from a plant and is used as a flavoring in many Asian dishes and also a flavoring for deserts and bubble tea as well.
See “Taro Root”.
Some cultures refer to it as “Arrowroot”.

I forgot to mention that the Tapioca Pearls are the main ingredient in Bubble Tea.

Mary asks…

Fave Bubble Tease Flav?

hey who likes bubble teasea nd what is your fave flavour.?
do u like the tapioca?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

I love tapioca & my fav flav is watermelon!

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