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Your Questions About Bubble Teas

Jenny asks…

who have tasted bubble tea with tapioca drinks, do you recommend it?

I just heard about bubble tea, and I read how to make it. its easy but does it worth it to buy tapioca just to make bubble tea?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

It’s worth it, tapioca is fairly cheap. Bubble tea is a very unique flavor, and some people love, some hate it. I personally don’t like it, but you might.

Lisa asks…

Does anyone know of a place to get Bubble Tea in the Chelsea area?

I work on 9th Avenue between 15th and 16th, and am looking for someplace that might deliver and has bubble tea. Any ideas?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

Vivi on Bayard Street has Bubble Tea. I do not know if they deliver though.
I can not locate a website but here is the phone and address.

49 Bayard Street
New York, NY 10013-4950
(212) 566-6833‎

Lizzie asks…

How can you make bubble tea?

how do you make bubble tea/milk tea w/ tapioca?
can you make it without a cocktail shake?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:



James asks…

What’s the harm of drinking too much bubble tea?

I’ve already had 4 cups of bubble tea from last mon until sun. Is that a lot?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

It’s not really bad for you. It’s probably got the same amount of caffeine in it as coffee and people drink about 2 cups of coffee every day so you should be fine.

Joseph asks…

Where can I find a Bubble Island or another place that I can get good bubble tea in Green Bay WI?

I used to live in Lansing, MI and I went to a place called Bubble Island. I tried to look for their website or ANYTHING about them. AllI can find is two other bubble island websites that say they have no stores in Michigan at all.

Its a resturaunt that serves simple foods but specializes in Bubble tea. Hopefully somebody can help me!

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

Lots of luck on this one. In Green Bay? …not a chance…

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