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Your Questions About Bubble Tea Names

Ruth asks…

Bubble tea company names .. ideas?? pleaseee!!?

my friends and I are selling bubble tea for a school project. what should our company be named??
THANK YOU so much, your answers are appreciated. :) :)

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

Mm… I found this. Http://yourselect.info/24668/bubble-tea

Nancy asks…

BUBBLE TEA store name?

Whats a good bubble tea store name?? Any suggestions welcomed!

Bubble Tea Fun answers:


Betty asks…

What a cool name for a bubble tea store?

something short and easy to remember.

thanks for your answers in advance. ^_^

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

I thought I’d answer 2 of your questions at once. My favorite bubble tea is honeydew. My least favorite so far has been pineapple. It just wasn’t tangy enough. The honeydew is always smooth, sweet and delicious. I’ve also had a couple of other flavors, but I have to say that I always come back to honeydew.

For names, how about Bubble Heaven? It sounds fun, something everyone will like, and not like a hippie drink store.

Have you thought about having snacks as well, or are you just having bubble tea? You could have spring rolls or steamed dumplings or something as well; that might bring in business from people who are hungry and thirsty. (Plus I loooove steamed dumplings. If there were a store here that had bubble tea and steamed dumplings I would probably move next to it.)

Best of luck! I bet your store will be cool. : )

Oh, and for those of you that don’t know what bubble tea is, stop posting answers that have to do with tea bags. There are no tea bags in bubble tea.

Daniel asks…

What’s a great name for a bubble tea store?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

Bubblicious or maybe Bubble Me Happy..

Chris asks…

Are their any places on Staten Island that sell Bubble Tea (Boba Tea)?

Can you guys give names of establishments or addresses that sell bubble tea in SI?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

I couldn’t find any in Staten Island, but this website does a good job of listing the Boba Tea establishments in the NY area.


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  1. Nicole says:

    You can go to Something Sweet Homemade -314 new dorp ln Staten Island 10306
    they are new the bubble tea is very good!

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