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Your Questions About Bubble Tea Fun

Steven asks…

Do you eat the bubbles in bubble tea?

The people behind the counter make fun of me when I ask.

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

They are tapioca.

By the way, those people that work there are kind of snobbish if they make fun of you. Way to get a returning customer.

Mandy asks…

What are necessities at a fun tea party?

We’re college kids home for the summer having a little get together and it’s a dress up tea party… so cowboy hats, pop beads, capes, etc. We’re having finger foods like little sandwiches and cookies and whatnot. What are some things that you can think of that would make this even better? Stuff like bubbles, music, cake, whatever, etc!

Anything you can think of.

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

Some gal pals and i have teas often. Our tea is actually simple, finger sandwiches, scones and something sweet. Dont stress out making too many things to snack on, it’s really about the company and aptmosphere

We find the simpler the better so we can just laugh and talk about our hats and gloves and catch up on gossip.

The problem is, not everyone likes tea even tho they like the concept of a tea, so make sure to serve Coffee or something else for those who do not like tea.

Also decorate your table with all sorts of things, old photos, hats scarves anything that is different is great for a tea

Daniel asks…

Bubble tea for a Diabetic?

For my daughter’s birthday, I am going to have bubble tea drinks. My husband and I thought it would be a fun way to enjoy the drinks. The only problem is My mother in law’s Fiance is more than likely coming, and he is a diabetic. I usually just do a simple, Tea plus sugar syrup with milk and tapioca pearls. Is there a Diabetic friendly sweet tasting tea I could use?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

Ask what sweetener your MIL’s Fiance would like in his tea.
You are kind to be concerned.Just use an artificial sweetener in his tea.
I like equal but ask him what he likes.

Mary asks…

What are some fun, unique things to do in new york for an afternoon?

I’m taking my girlfriend into the city for her birthday. We’re from jersey so we’ve been in plenty of times i’m just really not an expert. So far I’m taking her to perillas, to get bubble tea after, and then to the empire state building since neither of us have been there. Any suggestions for something fun and unique before dinner? I was thinking of the botanic gardens or are there any unique places to go shopping?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

First order of business should be taking a walk in central park, it’s free and wont cost you a dime. If your really feeling spendy, how about a horse drawn carriage ride through the park. Very romantic. Don’t forget to hand her that red rose you pulled out of your backpack just before she takes a seat. Send me an email if you want any more suggestions. I am loaded with them. Best of luck too you both…

Sharon asks…

Anybody wanna go karaoke and grab some Bubble Tea?

Lol, just asking for fun. :)

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

No thanks. I don’t even know what Bubble Tea is.

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