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Your Questions About Boba Tea Calories

Maria asks…

How many calories in Boba Tea?

-more specifically in a small (smooch) french kiss and flirt


Bubble Tea Fun answers:

150 calories … All due to sugar!

Michael asks…

How many calories in a regular thai ice tea with boba?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

About 180

Donald asks…

how many calories in a regular thai ice tea with boba?

is it fattening?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

It depends on the size and the milk that they use. Order it with skim milk if you are concerned about calories and fat.

Mandy asks…

Calories in 85 degree bakery Tapioca Milk Tea?

I was wondering the calories for boba milk tea at either lollicup or 85 Degree Celsius Bakery

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

Wow…that is a complicated question, you might want to Google that in various ways to get an answer.

Ken asks…

milk tea with boba or without boba?

okay so truthfully speaking is milk tea boba fattening? i heard it’s fattening because of the little tapioca balls and that without it then it’s only around 240 calories. so milk tea boba is fine WITHOUT boba right? so then is it better to drink the milk tea by itself?

Bubble Tea Fun answers:

I’m not sure if they’re fattening but my friends who were born in Hong Kong always tell me not to eat them too often. So they usually go for just a little of the boba. I don’t have them often so I like a lot.

I think the drinks are fine with or without. THe place I get mine at used to make ice cream ones so really the balls weren’t needed but still nice to add.

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