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Ways to Enjoy Green Tea

Green tea is one of the popular beverages that people enjoy because of their flavour as well as their benefits. Green tea promotes and maintains health through several ways courtesy of the different substances like antioxidants and germicidal agents in addition to caffeine and diuretics.

The most common way to drink green tea is either brewed hot or cold. The clear and subtle flavour of green tea makes it a versatile beverage to be mixed with different ingredients. Here are some other ways that can make green tea even more enjoyable.

Ice cream is one way to enjoy green tea. You can now enjoy this comfort food as well as reap the healthy goodness of green tea. Green tea ice cream is now available or you can make your own using a good ice cream recipe and green tea powder.

You can also find green tea snacks like green tea frostings in donuts and cupcakes. There are also coolers like green tea smoothies and also bubble tea where green tea is served cold and sweet with tapioca. There are also teacakes and cookies in some shops and cafe. And with green tea powder you can practically your favourite dish with a twist of green tea.

Many cafes have joined the bandwagon of green tea servers. They have made their own green tea drink recipe. Their most common, of course are plain, hot green tea, green tea latte and green tea shake. They also have recipes uniquely their own that people will patronize.

There are also restaurants that take advantage of green tea powder as well as the beverage itself to promote health and wellness to their customers. Dishes can be made as starters and main courses with a twist of green tea flavour. This can be a hit especially for health conscious people and also those who are trying to lose weight.

Tea is no longer a drink for adults but for the young and old alike. And not only can it be enjoyed as a beverage but as a great snack and comfort food as well. So that now everybody can enjoy the flavour, benefits and goodness of green tea.

Danial Hurley is an expert is a health care expert that specializes studies about alternative medicine like meditation, etc.
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