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THE WIDEST JUMBO STEEL STRAWS – Durable Smoothie Straws, Bubble Tea Straws, and Milkshake Straws – Set of 4 with Cleaning Brush – Eco-Friendly and Easy to Clean – by FAREWARE

Description These FOUR JUMBO straws is the widest stainless steel straw that you will find online. It’s thick enough to handle tapioca pearls for bubble tea and for your most viscous smoothies and milkshakes. Perfect for those who want to enjoy a hand-crafted bubble tea or milkshake at home or for someone who wants to drink a nutritionally dense smoothie on the go.

Measuring in with a diameter 1/2 inch and length 8.5 inches it is the
only straw that you’ll ever need for frozen and viscous drinks.

The cleaning brush is incredibly versatile and can actually clean other things besides these straws (which they clean perfectly). Use it to get into hard to reach areas of kitchen appliances and utensils that may

We all want to buy things that we know are good investments, good for the environment, and serve multiple functions. These straws cover all of these criteria and come with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
We promise that you will never ever need another set of straws for smoothies, bubble tea, or milkshakes nor will you ever need to purchase disposable plastic straws for this application.

Product Features

  • BUBBLE TEA STRAWS – These stainless steel straws measure a 1/2 inch in diameter, meaning that they are the absolute WIDEST stainless steel straws that you will need. Tapioca balls fit through with ease making them perfect for anyone who makes their own bubble tea or boba tea. They measure 8.5 in length making them perfect for any size glass, canteen, or mug.
  • SMOOTHIE STRAWS – No matter how thick your smoothie is, they will not have any issue flowing through this jumbo straw. Given the huge diameter, the amount of force that one can generate with the straw is more than enough to handle even the thickest smoothies. There’s no more need to resort to a spoon!
  • MILKSHAKE STRAWS – These are the perfect for the thickest milkshakes you can muster up. You can even drink ice cream through this straw once it’s slightly defrosted.
  • DURABLE & GUARANTEED – We guarantee that these straws will not break for life. Drop them or throw them, these straws are so tough that they will suffer no damage. That’s why these straws are such a great investment for yourself and the environment. Buy them once and you’ll never need plastic for your thick drinks again.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – The multi-purpose cleaning brush fits perfectly through both ends of the straw and thoroughly scrubs every crevice making it surprisingly easy to clean. Even people who dislike doing dishes won’t find it problematic.

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