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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Tea, Hand-Picked Tropical Passion, 20 Count Tin

Whole leaf tea bags. The tropical tastes of Chinese Black Tea, Passion and Guava Fruit flavoring with Tropical Flowers. Tropical Passion: Imagine flawless white-sand beaches, untouched tropical rain forests as you smell the warm, gentle spirit and tropical allure of this exotic tea. Our classic China Black Tea is perfectly combined with the seductively sweet-tart fragrance of passion fruit and the pungent flavor of guava fruit and studded with bright yellow petals of marigold and Malva for an exotic splash. Great as a brewed tea and as a tea latte. Aroma: tropical. Body: light. Flavor: refreshing. Origin: China. Whole Leaf Tea Bags: Enjoy the finest teas in the world in the convenience of a tea bag. These single-serving tea bags provide the same full flavor and aroma you experience when brewing our premium teas in an infuser or teapot. The unique pyramid shape of the tea bag allows the whole, uncut leaves to fully expand, providing maximum infusion of flavor. Our philosophy: You may wonder why we are so fanatical about using whole leaf tea in our products. Well, we like to drink great tasting tea. Tea made from small, broken tea leaves is often less flavorful. We use only whole tea leaf as they retain their delicate oils, resulting in the most flavorful, best tasting cup of tea possible. We also go to great lengths to source our tea, searching the world to offer Simply the Best cup of tea to our valued customers. Enjoy!

Product Features

  • 20 count
  • Tropical blend of Chinese black tea, passion fruit and guava fruit flavoring with tropical flowers
  • Unique pyramid shape of the tea bag lets the leaves fully expand for maximum flavor
  • Exotic and alluring, with the seductively sweet-tart fragrance of passion fruit and the pungent flavor of guava fruit
  • Tea harvested in China

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