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The Bubble Tea Recipe for Refreshing You

Bubble Tea

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Bubble tea is a cold drink that is very popular in Asia. The bubbles that are found in the tea are actually tapioca pearls that are large in size. The pearls add a very interesting feel and taste to the bubble tea.

This drink is usually served cold so it is relatively important that you prepare the tea ahead of time. This will allow the tea plenty of time to chill to the desired temperature. This tea has recently found its way in the Southern States of American restaurants and its slowly penetrating the other States. Nowadays, many people want this recipe so that they can make this refreshing drink by themselves.

The bubble tea recipe includes the following ingredients:

. Milk
. Tapioca Pearls (Large)
. Black tea
. Ice
. Sweetener

In addition to these ingredients, you will also require a cocktail shaker (for mixing the drink) and straws (extra wide) for drinking the bubbles.

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