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Taro, Mango & Strawberry Bubble Tea Ultimate Kit

This is a bubble tea kit that consists of:

(a) a 2.2 lb bag of Qbubble strawberry tea flavored bubble/boba tea powder mix
(b) a 2.2 lb bag of Qbubble taro flavored bubble/boba tea powder mix
(c) a 2.2 lb bag of Qbubble mango flavored bubble/boba tea powder mix
(d) a 6.6 lb bag of Qbubble black tapioca pearls
(e) a bag of 40 fat straws not individually wrapped (the quality and quantity of the straws will be the same as the one in the picture but the colors may be different)
(f) a 530 ml polycarbonate cocktail shaker (once you use this you won’t go back to the stainless steel one)
(g) an airtight canister to hold the pearls or powder (9.25 inches tall with a diameter of 4 inches, the color of the cover may not be the same as the one in the picture)
(h) a scoop for the pearls (10.75 inches long)
(i) a scoop for the powder (10.25 inches long)
(j) a long spoon to help mix the powder (11 inches long)

Why pay $3 to $5 for a drink when you can make it yourself at home for less. Great drink to have at your next gathering. Each bag makes approximately 25 to 30 cups of 16 ounce drinks. This high quality powder product is from Taiwan where the bubble tea drink phenomenon began.

Product Features

  • Three bags of 2.2 Lb bag of Bubble Tea Powder (taro, mango, strawberry)
  • One bag of 40 straws
  • One 6.6 Lb bag of Qbubble Bubble Tea Tapioca Pearls (size = 2.5MM)
  • One airtight canister to store uncooked tapioca pearls.
  • Three spoons.

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