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Taro Cream Flavored Powder

1 pound bag Our Cream Flavored Powders are specially formulated to yield you the perfect cup of bubble tea every time: smooth, creamy and going down with the right finish. Don’t forget your Refined Creamer Powder of Non-Dairy Creamer for an extra creamy taste. Preparation (16oz serving): 16oz Bubble Tea Flavored Powder Drink ——————————— 2 tbsp. Cream Flavored Powder 2 tbsp. Non-Dairy Powder or Refined Creamer powder 2 fluid oz Sweetener (sugar syrup, fructose, Hawaiian cane sugar or sugar) 3/4 cup water 1-2 cups of ice 2 fluid oz (or desire amount) of brewed tea (Optional) 1) Put all ingredients into cocktail shaker or blender (for ice-blended drink). 2) Make sure that the flavored powder and creamer is mixed/blended well. 3) Add bubble tea tapioca pearls, coconut jelly, and/or Choobees to a cup, and pour your drink into cup. 4) Put in your oversized bubble tea straw and enjoy. *Add more flavored powder and creamer for thicker drink and stronger flavor (ie. 4 tbsp). *Whole milk, half and half, or condensed milk can be used instead of creamer.

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