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Tapioca Pearl Gluten Free for Gourmet Boba Bubble Tea 250g/8.8 oz (Black)

The Perfect Boba Recipe

This recipe is adaptable for whatever amount you want to make, whether it’s just a few servings or enough to feed a crowd. It’s about 25 grams* of dry pearls per small serving (think small cup of boba tea).

brown sugar,
white sugar,
boba pearls,
tea or shake of choice,
A big pot with a lid,
A wooden spoon,
A strainer,
fat straws,
Make a simple syrup by heating 1 part brown sugar, 1 part white sugar, and 2 parts water until dissolved. Set aside. Leftovers can be refrigerated.

Boil water like you would for pasta – lots of it (at least 10x the amount of water, so if you’re doing 100g, do 1000mL water). Once you’re at a rolling boil, weigh out your tapioca pearls (cook in increments of 100g) and add the tapioca pearls to the water all at once. Stir. Let the water come up to a boil again; the pearls will float to the top. Once the water is boiling again, lower the heat to medium. Set a lid slightly ajar on top and cook for 35 minutes. Stir every five minutes. Turn the heat off. Cover completely and let the pearls steep for 25 minutes.

Drain the pearls. Do not rinse. For every 100 grams of dry pearls, add 50mL of the simple syrup. Let steep for at least 15 minutes. Serve right away or within a few hours. If you have leftovers, you can refrigerate them for a day, but you must microwave them for about 30 seconds before serving. (Alternatively, keep them warm in a rice cooker on the “Keep Warm” setting or a crockpot on the lowest setting, but don’t let them overcook.)

Product Features

  • Delicious tapioca pearls for making delicious bubble tea
  • Foolproof & easy to make–save time, no hassle!
  • Mix into any of your favorite beverage to add texture
  • Squishy & gummy treat to share with friends and family
  • Large 1.5 cm diameter. Save money by making your own delicious boba at home anytime.

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