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Rehydrate Pro Water Infuser Pitcher – Easily Flavor Water or Iced Tea with Your Favorite Fruits.


More water = More health

– Attractive clear BPA Free material

- Included is (1) infusing basket as well as (1) ice core

- Use for hot or cold drinks

Why you will love to use every day:

This infusing pitcher will be topic of conversation at any table, and give you the pleasure of knowing

you are teaching your family about proper hydration whilst avoiding unhealthy sugary drinks and juices

and replacing them with fresh, economical infusions of flavored water or ice tea with your favorite

fruits, herbs, or spices. This is a gift to your family that shows you care, and educates in the

importance of taking advantage of the precious commodity and benefits of water. – Elegant clear plastic pitcher

- Easy to use and assemble infuser

- Easy to clean

- Use fruit infusion for several days – just keep refilling pitcher with fresh water and put it back in the fridge for best results.

Guaranteed that you will drink more water, get positive feedback from those around you and feel better
about your hydration or you can return risk free within 30 days.


– Along with your purchase you will receive a link to a FREE recipe book and other bonuses.

- 16 recipes using day to day ingredients that will impress your friends and family

- Access to easy to understand information that will educate you about hydration

CLICK yellow “Add to Cart” button at the top of this page and take control of your health now

Thank you in advance for interest in our products. Our goal is to enhance your health
by encouraging you to drink more water with fruit infusions, and at the same time
help the environment by curving the use of ‘single use and disposable plastics’


Product Features

  • 75% OF AMERICANS SUFFER FROM CHRONIC DEHYDRATION – Improve your hydration proactively. Kids as well as adults who are active, particularly if they use protective gear and play outdoor are susceptible to dehydration that risks their health. This infusing pitcher helps you break the pattern, by enabling you to create a balance between water and tasteful infusions with your favorite fruits.
  • STEALTH HEALTH – The more fruit flavored water you drink the less you will be tempted to reach for sugary soft drinks, that might result in weight loss, more vitality and better concentration levels for study or work. Improve your performance in all aspects. Your family and friends will love it.
  • BPA FREE MMATERIAL – Not made with Bisphenol A. It is better to be safe than sorry. You can rest assured that using this product is safe and no chemical from the material will contaminate the healthy infusions created by you. The material is durable and made to last and elegantly make you look good. Includes infusion basket + ice core.
  • EASY TO USE AND ASSEMBLE TO CREATE INFUSIONS- Just add your favorite fruits and flavor combinations to the enclosed basket, screw it to the based and add water. After you are done, it is also EASY TO CLEAN- Simply rinse and reused over and over. Does not keep odors or residue taste.
  • FREE DIGITAL RECIPE BOOK – You can take recipe book and important information about hydration where ever you go. Access ideas on recipes anywhere. You can reuse infusions over and over for several days by just keep refilling it with fresh water and overnight refrigeration.

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