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Professional Manual Bubble Tea Boba Cup Sealer Sealing Machine

This boba tea cup sealing machine is sturdy and durable. It is made for sealing cup beverage, Boba Milk Tea, Ice and Hot Coffee, Smoothie, etc. This economy cup sealer is perfectly suitabel for commercial use, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Fast food Stands, Snack Bars and so on. It can seal as many as 300-500 cups/hour. You should never miss such a man friday for your business.


* Commercial design in shine yellow coated.

* Heavy duty and durable stainless steel structure.

* 12 1/2″ excellent long handle for laboursaving working.

* Stainless steel roller for precise film transferring.

* Smooth edge on top of either side board for save using.

* Simply put the cup in the tray and push it in.

* Align the Roller Film with Black Indicator and pull down the handle.

* Pull the tray out and cup will pop up by the bottom plate.

* Take the cup out of the tray and seal the next cup.

* Temperature control adjusts from 0ºC – 250ºC

* Cup Sealing Diameter: 3 1/2″

* Cup Sizes: 300CC, 500CC, 700CC

* Voltage: 110V/60Hz

* Power: 300W

* Output: 300-500 Cups/Hour

Film Material and Sealing Temperature:

* PE (Polyethylene): 170ºC

* PP (Polypropylene): 170ºC-200ºC

* PS (Polystyrene):180ºC

* Film: 120ºC-180ºC

* PET (Polyester): 160ºC-200ºC

Package Includes:

* 1 x Manual Cup Sealing Machine

* 4 x Triangular Plates

* 2 x Rolling Tubes with spring and rings

* 1 x Film Collecting Roll

* 1 x Instruction Manual

Please note that the cup of tea on the pictures is NOT included in this item. Thank you.

Product Features

  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Structure
  • Easy to Used
  • Sealed in seconds
  • Adjust once and seal thousands of perfect cups

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