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Fruit-Tea Summer Tea Sampler, Refreshing Loose Leaf Tea Sampler Featuring Gold Rush, Raspberry, Strawberry Kiwi, and More!

Flavor Infused Black Tea Sampler, Sampler of Six Flavored Loose Black Teas, Great Hot or Iced

Small batch hand packed flavored black teas, sourced from one of Americas oldest tea importers. This sampler of six flavored teas provides a great range of flavors, and flavoring types.

This sampler pack of loose leaf black teas, includes:

Blackberry Loose Leaf Black Tea

Raspberry Loose Leaf Black Tea

Strawberry Kiwi Loose Leaf Black Tea

Gold Rush Passion Peach Loose Leaf Black Tea

Tropicana Tropical Loose Leaf Black Tea

Vanilla Loose Leaf Black Tea

Each of these flavored black teas in our assortment is small batch flavored in European flavor house, then shipped to the US in sealed foil bags and gotten to market with a week or so of being flavored, to ensure only the highest quality and fresh flavored black teas.

Product Features

  • FLAVORED BLACK TEA SAMPLER, SIX FLAVORED BLACK TEAS- This sampler includes 6-4oz tins of flavored black tea, each tin is 4oz in size, but the weight of the actual tea inside varies due to volume differences in the teas
  • GREAT FLAVORED BLACK TEA SAMPLER FOR HOT OR ICED BLACK TEA- This sampler features six loose black teas, these teas are created with a chinese black tea base that allows great execution in both hot and iced application
  • SIX UNIQUE FLAVORED INFUSED BLACK TEAS- This flavored black tea sampler features, Blackberry Black Tea, Raspberry Black Tea, Strawberry Kiwi Black Tea, Gold Rush Passionfruit Peach Black Tea, Tropicana Tropical Black Tea, Vanilla Black Tea
  • EACH FLAVORED BLACK TEA IS A FULL LEAF ORANGE PEKOE TEA, WITH VARIOUS FLAVOR AND BOTANICALS- Each tea is the highest quality of orange pekoe black tea, with various flavors and botanicals, our vanilla tea even includes ground vanilla bean
  • GREAT WAY TO SAMPLE COMMONLY SOLD IN BULK BLACK TEAS- Most flavored teas are commonly sold in bulk, making sampling a new flavor difficult because you may or may not enjoy it, and you dont want to be stuck with a pound of tea you dont like. This black tea sampler helps you try several flavors, without getting stuck with too much of one tea

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