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Double-frame Auto Bubble Boba Tea Milk Shaker Shaking Making Machine

(1) Access the power cord to the power, pull up the rocker cap according to the direction of the arrow like (A), and set the time. (The time controller with adjustable time of 1s to 60s, and milk shake time was about 10s to 20s.)

(2) Put the cup (with the milk) on the bottom cap like (B), pull down the rocker cap according to the direction of the arrow like (C), and check whether the cup and seal tightly.

(3) Press the Start button, the machine will stop at the set time, then pull up the rocker cap and take out the cup.

(4) Rocker arm can be adjusted by adjusting the screw.

Note: The cover of the cup should be taken off before put the cup on the bottom cap, otherwise it is easily damaged the rocker cap.

The voltage could be 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz (optional). By default, we will ship the product with voltage and frequency standard in the recipient’s country. If you need something different, please send us a message.


The package will be marked as a “personal gift” or “Sample” with a lower value to help you save customs tax.But if you are still charged customs tax with the low value,you have to pay the tax by yourself. The price does not include any customs tax. Appreciate your kind understanding.

Product Features

  • Features (1) Simple & stable structure (2) Very easy to operate, clear and maintain (3) Stainless steel structure, safe & reliable (4) Double frame for shaker, and double switch, simplicity of operator (5) Suitable for the shaking of bubble tea,boba tea, beverage etc. (6) Make Your Work and Life more easier.
  • Size:350 X 300 X 350 mm
  • Voltage:220 V/110V
  • Power:120 W, Net Weight:27 kg
  • Velocity Ratio:400 r/min

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