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Milk Tea for Five

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Pearl milk tea originated in Taiwan, family drinks, since the 90s of last century to enter the mainland market, with its rich taste and rich varieties have been consumers, especially young people, the love and pursuit of a distinctive tea drinking culture.

Moving steadily sprung up everywhere Billion from Taiwan and Taiwan can be international Diet Inc. “COCO can tea” brand has become the continent’s largest take-tea brand. Takeaway tea industry flourished, a coffee break, Coke And other “Borrowed drink” on the drink type beverage market monopoly, and created a new world.

Over the past decade, takeout tea industry has maintained strong development momentum, forming a “contending” situation. Faced with increasingly fierce market competition, many take-out tea brand to join the authorized form, to achieve rapid expansion of the scale and increase market share objectives.

With this model, in 2007 before formally entering the mainland’s “CoCo can tea” in just two years, quickly expanded to the territory of Shanghai, Nanjing, Xiamen, Wuhan and … other places in the mainland now has more than 200 outlets and department stores and shopping centers as the highest exposure of the chain tea brand.

Origin of tea in Taiwan can enter the Beijing market COCO

Vast mainland market has attracted many tea brand presence, but it will really scale operation, however, are few. Was born in Taiwan in 1997 freshwater “CoCo can tea” in Taiwan has long been known. 2008, “CoCo can tea” more generous in the Taipei 101 set up flagship store, the only presence in the building allowed to take away-style tea brand.

Careful cultivation in Taiwan a decade-long, “CoCo can be tea,” the first step was taken to the mainland. However, as before accumulated rich experience and solid strength, “CoCo can be tea,” the expansion in the mainland very smooth road to development. At present, “CoCo can be tea,” the major use of regional authorities in the mainland joint venture operating system to 1 to 2,000,000 units of the population division of the market, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and other cities with huge populations divided into several license areas, the other two cities is more than a single regional authority.

Joining the common development of joint venture operations Tips

Franchisees is a double-edged sword, in raising brand awareness, bringing beneficial effects such as scale, while operation and management will inevitably increase the difficulty of the stability and product quality Unity Of posing a threat to blindly “enclosure” and may even cause permanent damage to the brand. How to avoid these negative impacts?

“CoCo can tea” Cheats success is: “First, CoCo join the joint-venture approach, only the identity CoCo concept of corporate culture and operations were to have joined the joint venture so as to ensure adequate control of the company; Second, the district headquarters with operations manager to oversee the operation of the joint venture store quality, and has established a training center, with each store staff must receive training center training, passed the examination only after the training in order to send sent outlets in front-line services to ensure that each store can have a standardized quality of service and product production methods;

third Headquarters professional logistics team, including Marketing , Operations, training, development, public works, purchasing, finance, logistics, etc., can provide a complete professional services in a timely manner, to ensure that every joint venture partners are able to successfully operate. ”

COCO girl dance scene recognition Positive market-leading R & D new products

Tea in China, adding a little creativity to develop new drinks, the “tea” to maximize the possibility that this is “COCO can be tea,” to stand out in the same winning drinks, and also the ensure that the brand a permanent source of energy. “COCO tea can” set up a special research room, research staff with professional equipment of the Raw materials Characteristics, under different climatic conditions simulated flavor drinks, to maximize the materials presented as the best of each flavor, prepared the most balanced taste.

COCO about 30 kinds of new products each year, and in the original with pearls, bubble-based Tea , The integration of health, and health concepts to develop a unique nectar series, which, kumquat lemon, fresh 100 Hong Pom, are all popular drinks.

Pure natural tea taste without adding quality to win

In addition to continuously introduce new products outside of, “COCO tea can” start from the raw materials, strictly control product quality, not the use of artificial chemical Raw material . COCO all the tea in tea for the first basement, save the tea time not more than three hours, to ensure that fresh, pure tea flavor. Fruit, juice and other raw material are directly from the origin transported in refrigerated or frozen storage to the COCO, COCO by the professional logistics distribution to various outlets, to ensure the freshest supply of raw materials.

Tea culture based on deep understanding and detailed insight into the psychology of consumers, “COCO can tea” in providing fresh and delicious drinks, it also attaches great importance to pass optimistic attitude towards life, spread a healthy lifestyle. COCO each in stores, the attendants with loud slogans, and good service, so that every customer can experience a pleasant shopping experience.

“Physically and mentally fresh, spontaneous life” of the new slogan, it is concentrated the “COCO can tea” brand essence: the physical and mental freshness to creative products, for consumers seeking quality and interpretation of wonderful happiness, freedom of life.

After two years of development, “COCO can be tea,” has become the continent’s biggest take-away tea brand. 2010, “COCO can be tea,” plans to set up 300 new outlets mainland. In the mainland and Taiwan markets after the successful experience accumulated,

“COCO can be tea,” is actively preparing for the overseas expansion plan, has taken new steps in the scale of operation. 2010 16 to 18 April, “COCO can tea” will feature fine and season with a new franchise exhibition in China to participate in the twelfth, dissemination Eastern tea culture and tea industry, take away show development potential.

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