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Bursting Popping Boba 3 Flavor Fun Pack

Bossen, the leading flagship in innovative dessert experience, has brought to you the newest creation that took the entire west coast by storm. The Bursting Boba series, being creative and joyful yet healthy and tasty, has lure us into a whole new dimension about toppings and fruit juice. It combined the flavors of fruit juice into a fun and mystical tropical tapioca that shall surprise and satisfy even the pickiest sweet tooth.

The Bursting Popping Boba is a little ball that is created with real fruit juice inside while coated with a clear gummy like skin outside. The juicy boba balls will burst once you put a very small amount of pressure on them. It is a wonderful addition to ice cream, yogurt, snow cone and drinks.

Product Features

  • Great on frozen dessert such as yogurt or ice cream
  • Can be insert into drinks
  • Great on Bakery products
  • Contains real fruit juice

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