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Bubble Tea Kit – Learn to make your own bubble tea at home

★ Make your own Bubble Tea ★

The new version of our kit includes loose leaf green, black tea and a reusable cotton tea bag, so you can now experiment with milk and fruit bubble teas! We’ve also made the recipe easier by pre-measuring the ingredients into individual sachets and filming an instruction video.

With this kit you can make four big servings of bubble tea, enough for you and a few friends to have your own bubble tea party! You can enjoy making tapioca pearls from scratch and brewing your own black and green tea. Some kits just give you dried powder and some factory made pearls, with this kit you get the real thing.

All Sandy Leaf Farm kits have long best before dates so make amazing birthday or Christmas gifts.

★ Included in the kit ★

  • 4 fat bubble tea straws
  • Organic tapioca starch
  • Black tea for milk bubble tea
  • Green tea for fruit bubble tea
  • Reusable cotton drawstring tea bag
  • Full instructions & how-to video
  • A lifetime of support from Sandy Leaf Farm

★ Check out our full range of kits ★

For more unique DIY food and drink kits check out our full range, just click on the ‘Sandy Leaf Farm’ link under the product title at the top of the page. Be sure to check out our Cheese and Bacon kits, which also make great gifts for any foodie friends of family!

★ About us ★

We have two great loves in our lives; making food and eating food. For years we have been making our own cheese, home-brew ginger beer, the list goes on. After repeated calls from friends for lessons to show them how, we finally decided to put together kits to make the whole process easy. From this Sandy Leaf Farm was born and we hope that you enjoy making our kits as much as we enjoyed putting them together.

Product Features

  • Learn to make your own bubble tea at home – with video instructions
  • Includes the finest loose leaf black tea and green tea
  • Enough for four big glasses
  • Make your own bubbles from organic tapioca starch, no additives or artificial flavours
  • Long shelf life so would be great to give as a Christmas or birthday gift

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