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Bubble Tea Fun with Friends and Photos

bubble tea @ bubbleology, soho, london

Bubble Tea at Bubbleology, Soho, London. Image by coolhunting "tapas" via Flickr

Bubble tea is all about fun, especially fun with friends. Bubble tea shops tend to be fun places to hang out, too. Often they are colorful and attractive, a great place to take photos with friends.

I love taking photos anyway. I guess most of us do. I carry a camera everywhere I go.

Most people have cameras in their phones, but I think the best pics are still taken with full-featured digital cameras. I always carry a small one in my purse.

It has a wide angle lens, macro (super close-up) settings, and a telephoto zoom lens, so I can snap a shot of a whole tableful of friends or get a great close-up of a friend across the room. I like putting them on Facebook or wherever.

I also love taking super-close-up shots of things like colorful fruit-juice-based bubble tea with the dark purple bobas showing through the colorful juice. My favorite flavor is mango (creamy orangy yellow), so that makes for great contrast.┬áSome shops have very cool cups, too, and it’s fun to take a pic of a group of different teas and snacks on a colorful table.

If you like to make tapioca pearl teas at home, you can snap shots of the various steps in the bubble-tea making process—usually hilarious with friends or as a family group project.

All in all, the appreciation of bubble tea is a social affair, and I love capturing priceless moments—or tricky tea-making processes—to enjoy again later. Don’t you?

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