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Boba Tea Flashing LED Sign (15″ x 27″ x 1″) [Moving and Animated]

Boba Tea Flashing LED Sign
Dimensions: 15″H x 27″W x 1″D

Summary of Features:

  • Attract customers, high visual impact
  • Cool, quiet, and energy efficient
  • Environmentally safe
  • Long lasting (100,000+ hours, even when left on all day)
  • Easy install, all hardware included and ready to use
  • 100% hand crafted (Made in the USA)
  • UL approved (110V)
  • Maintenance free
  • Quality assured
  • 1-year warranty

This animated, flashing LED sign has an attractive moving and flashing feature that draws attention for any business at a flick of a switch. Separate yourself from the competition and appeal to your customers through this small investment that will be used for years.

Today, LED signs are a must for every business because of their high visual impact. There is nothing quite like a LED sign. The bright display virtually burns your store name, identity, logo, or products into the minds of both existing and potential customers. They can be seen from quite a distance. At night, stores can be distinguished by those that have LED signs against those that do not. LED signs offer a wonderful return on investment. They can be left on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, advertising for you around the clock.

Did you know that LED signs are, in fact, brighter than neon signs! The have high visibility even in daylight. They are slim and light weight, which makes them easy to clean. This LED sign

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