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Boba Tea: An Exquisite Beverage

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It has always been said that some beverages affect our health in miscellaneous ways. However, the healing characteristics of teas have helped men to counteract the negative effects of overweight during generations.

Nowadays, there exists a wide variety of teas with the most diverse tastes and elaboration methods. Nonetheless, the boba tea drink, or as it is frequently named bubble drink, expands its frontiers with an overwhelming acceptance. Boba tea tastes a way no other beverage has ever being able to.

The ingredients of this drink can certainly vary from country to country, even from region to region, but generally sugar or honey and milk, together with small pieces of tapioca mostly known as “boba”, are the principle ingredients.

Although it is served in most tea houses of the world and its popularity has reached unsuspected levels, it was not until 1980s that it appeared on the market.

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