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Anthony’s Small White Tapioca Pearl (5lb)

Like the pearl of an oyster, it’s beautiful. Small, white, round, edible…uh boss, I don’t think you can eat oyster pearls. No, I don’t care what your homeopathic surgeon tells you, you can’t eat it..OH YEAH, WHAT MEDICAL SCHOOL DID HE GO TO!?! YEAH YEAH GO ON YOUR LUNCH BREAK.

Man, that guy. Well, it might look like an oyster pearl, but you can definitely eat our tapioca pearls. They are delicious,and often used to make america’s favorite pudding. Enjoy!

Product Features

  • Made from cassava root
  • All natural, no additives
  • Tapioca has no impurities so will not mask other flavors
  • Grown in Thailand, hand packed in California
  • Used to make tapioca pudding, low in saturated fats

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