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Alink Extra Wide Silicone Boba Straws 14mm X 9 in for Smoothie and Bubble Tea Set of 2 With Cleaning Brush


❆9″ long 14 mm opeing, 10.5 inner diameter

❆Made from medical grade silicone, FDA approved

❆Soft and flexible, can cut to size for shorter bottle

❆Stand up to the straw chewer and brush cleans well


The opening reach approx 14 mm, which means you can see how easy the boba or even the most thick smoothie come out. The flexibility and softness make sure the straws can hold its shape when bent sharply.

Silicon can handle hot or cold drinks (-80℃~250℃). If you are looking for something safe to drink hot liquids through, you will be very happy with Alink silicone straws!


For our little kids, straws must be safe and healthy. It’s very dangerous to let them use hard plastic straws or stainless steel straws, wich accidentally scraping up their mouth sometimes. With our soft silicone straw, Children can drink without any risk, they won’t break the straw from chewing on it, or crack it from bending it. They can drink at any angle. Silicon straw is not a ground breaking concept, but it works beautifully with small children in many ways.


For pregnant women, our non-leaching medical grade silicone straws can reduce the exposure to the endocrine disrupting chemicals from plastics such as BPA, which can cause birth defects.

For anyone that needs to bend a straw to reach (like bed-ridden), or few teeth to eat solids, you will want these, they have the perfect amount of stiffness to bend but not collapse (pinch). I recommend these to all the hospice nurses to pass on to their patients.

Product Features

  • ★ FDA PPROVED, BPA FREE AND PERFECT SIZE – Use 100% medical grade and food grade silicone, soft and flexible. 9 inch long and approx 14 mm opening size, enough large opening make sure you can see how easy the boba or even the most thick smoothie come out. And enough longth make sure our straws fit most tall tumbler. When you drinking, you will be surprised to feel how much gentler on the mouth as well compared to glass/steel straws.
  • ★ HEALTHY, SAFE AND BETTER FLAVOR – The quality of our materials can handle hot or cold drinks. No plastic touching your drinks weather they be water, juice, a smoothie, or alcoholic. No plastic taste any more and enjoy the ultimate experience! Besides, for kids learning to drink with a straw, the aged, patient and pregnant women, our slicone straw also very helpful, they have the perfect amount of stiffness to bend but not collapse (pinch).
  • ★ REUSABLE AND MOTHER NATURE APPROVED -Imagine that thousands of plastic straws are sent to the landfill every minutes and our planet is being destroyed day bye day! Durable, reusable and eco frinedly, since you have our silicone straws, no worry about using the disposable straw and throwing them away daily! So stop buying and using disposable straws . To be environmentally friendly from today!
  • ★ FREE FAT BRUSH AND DISHWASHER SAFE – You can also get a fat cleaning brush in the package, 9″ long and 12 mm extra size brush diameter. Keeping our silicone straws clean is very easy, you can use the fat brush or just put it in dishwasher, or boil them. Waiting few minutes and they’ve done great. The free straw brush is large enough to clean almost all other drinking straw.
  • ★ THE “ALINK OFFICICAL” GUARANTEE – Alink are committed to providing our customers with the ultimate shopping experience and after-sales service. If for any reason, you’re not “Absolutely Thrilled” with your purchase, just let us know and we’ll give you a full no-hassle refund! Customer satisfaction is our greatest reward! Do not hesitate and make the Alink choice today!

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