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bubble tea with tapioca pearls

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I am a bubble tea fanatic! I love tapioca pearls. I fell in love with them at a shop called Bubble Island in Clear Lake, Texas, USA.

Sadly for me, Bubble Island is almost 30 miles away from where I live. And I have not found anything like it in my neighborhood.

I started wondering if I could make my own bubble tea. Sadly it turns out to be way too much trouble for a lazy person like me.

Then I found all these wonderful articles about bubble tea, boba tea, tapioca pearls, tapioca beads, and what-not. So why not share them?

By building this site, I can share my love of  bubble tea with other bubble tea fans all over the world—and so can you. Not only that, you can rate the articles.

So stop by often and let the rest of us know what you think. Share your love of bubble tea with the world!

Happy sipping!

Kathleen Gresham


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